A.G.A.R.T: bwc

24 de março de 2019 - Game Projects
A.G.A.R.T: bwc

A.G.A.R.T: bwc, or Another Game About Recycling Trash: but with candy, is my final work of my Digital Games graduation.

A.G.A.R.T is 2D a local-multiplayer game about a terrible accident in that occurs in a cotton candy factory in the candy country, now the whole country is polluted by cotton candy.

Each level is scarred with bits of cotton candy and cotton-candy tanks that the players must collect to fill their cotton-bags. When the cotton-bags are full, the player must throw the cotton candy collected in the garbage-bin, if he or she is successful, they score a point. By scoring 3 points, they win a round. The game ends when someone wins 2 or more rounds.

The two teams compete against each other to see who can collect the most cotton candy and winning a round.

You can play A.G.A.R.T with a friend right here:

And you can find A.G.A.R.T source right here:

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